Last Chance Public Radio Association, Inc. (LCPRA) has been bringing public radio to the Helena, Montana, area since 1984.

KGLT Community Monday at Blackfoot River Brewing Company - March 3, 4-8pm

Meet with KGLT staff and DJ's, Friends of KGLT and Last Chance Public Radio board members on Monday, March 3, 4 - 8 pm at the Blackfoot River Brewing Company and enjoy fine beer for alternative public radio. For each glass of beer sold, the Blackfoot will contribute $1 to the Friends of KGLT. The Blackfoot is located at 66 South Park Avenue in Helena.

New Board Members Elected

Judi Johnston and Chino Suzuki were elected to the Board of Directors at the December 17 Board meeting.

November 2013 Newsletter Published

The latest newsletter includes articles about the upcoming fundraising auction, a thank you to departing board members for their help and commitment, and an appeal for volunteers and potential board members.

New Yellowstone Public Radio Transmitter Goes Live at 89.1 FM

Yellowstone Public Radio (YPR) is now transmitting at 89.1 FM in the Helena area. The new signal is vertically polarized, so it is best heard on a vertical antenna similar to your car. If you have poor reception at home, you may want to purchase a vertical FM antenna with a signal amplifier.

LCPRA continues to translate YPR on 96.7 FM, but eventually that frequency will be transferred to a new owner as agreed to in the FCC settlement that allowed YPR to get the new transmitter.

Thanks to YPR for all their efforts to secure their signal in Helena!

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And Now from Radio City Music Hall

Last Chance Public Radio Association painting by artist Robert Morgan

Limited edition prints of Robert F. Morgan's painting "And Now From Radio City Hall ..." are available for a minimum $65 donation to the Last Chance Public Radio Association. The prints--12" x 16" image on a 17" x 22" page--are signed and numbered. Contact a board member to order your copy.